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Building our future together!

The years a child spends growing and learning in school puts them on a path to become successful adults and community members.

Why I'm Running

I am excited for running for school board because, like you, education is certainly a priority for me. Through my work as school zoning committee member and my volunteering contributions in the school activities,  I have become passionate about quality of education our children receive. I want to make a positive contribution to the district. I believe that every student in our district should be graduating, prepared to face the next phase of their education journey.

Our district is doing a phenomenal job in serving the students and families, but there is always room for improvement. The needs of our district are constantly changing, and our school board is working to keep up with those changes and to deliver the best possible quality of education for our students.

If elected as Wayzata school board member I will ask in depth questions about policy and programs so that we as a community, understand the value they bring to the classroom. I know our schools, I know our community well and I want to work with all the constituent groups to ensure that every child is seen and heard and they receive the support they needed.

One of many skill set I possess is my ability to listen, consider all information presented and develop an action plan. An effective board member requires collaboration and creative thinking (I have it all) to ensure our resources are invested in our class rooms and that our tax dollars are used effectively and efficiently.

My top priorities:

Rapid Growth of Enrollment issues for next 5 years – Collaborate with various stakeholders in understanding their needs like increasing classrooms, providing sufficient resources for teachers, accommodating growing needs in various extracurricular activities. District should review and assess various options that are available to address the student growth in next 5 years by balancing academics and athletics.

Achievement Gap – “We need all children succeeding.” Identify students who need additional instructional support; enhance early childhood education to be prepared for elementary education; Collaborate with Interfaith Outreach and Community partners to outreach to student families.

Improvement in Nutrition Program and Wellness – There is an evidence based analysis performed and based on recommendation we need to focus on ingredients in daily meal plan and promote nutritional health and healthy food practices and physical health at all of our elementary, middle and high schools.

Mental Health - Engage trained counselors and have planned program to support youth & families impacted by mental health issues and identify funding opportunities at the state and national level.

Safety: I also want to work with constituents in bringing advanced safety technologies like handling vaping issue, adding trained counselors, bring cultural awareness, etc.

I request you to consider my candidacy and ask for your vote on Nov 5th.

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