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About Bindu Moram

I am married for 20 years and mother of 2 young boys, who have been attending Wayzata Schools since early childhood learning. Currently my elder is sophmore in WHS and younger is 7th grader in CMS. Me and my husband moved to Plymouth in 2004 to provide best education to our children.

I am a graduate in Business Administration, India and Masters in Science from Northwestern University, Chicago. My mother was a school teacher and coming from family background where every member of the family are graduated from college. I am a staunch advocate for education excellence and believe we can have a district where students graduate ready to pursue either additional schooling or a career they are passionate about.

Wayzata School District has a diverse community and meeting the needs of each student individually is critical for academic excellence. As someone who has worked with families from diverse economic, cultural, and social backgrounds, I believe in making sure that the district’s opportunities are made accessible to all students in the district. We need to make sure that outreach is done to connect with all members of the community and ensure that the district seeks input from diverse groups to better improve the programs offered.

If elected I plan to listen to the input from all community members and push to keep the board’s work transparent. I will work to bring the resources teachers need to the classroom where we can best serve the students and in turn, best serve the Wayzata School District community.

I’m asking for your vote and support, as I work to make our schools better for the Wayzata School District community.

Community Involvement:

  • Part of Wayzata School Zoning Committee in 2015
  • Wayzata Board Meeting attendee
  • Volunteered in Kimberly Lane Elementary classroom and school activities since 2008
  • Volunteering at Central middle school classroom and school activities since 2013


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